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Welcome to Pique Recording! I'm James Meder, and I'm thrilled to invite you to my unique recording studio right in the vibrant heart of Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA. At Pique Recording, I'm breaking new ground with an exclusive subscription-based recording service, complemented by on-demand sessions tailored to your schedule.

As the driving force behind Pique Recording, I've dedicated myself to mastering a hybrid-recording approach. This method artfully merges the soulful nuances of analog with the crisp efficiency of digital technology. My commitment is to ensure that every project that comes through my doors leaves with a sound that's not only distinct but also perfectly aligned with the artist's vision.

Pique Recording is more than a studio – it's a creative sanctuary where musical dreams are realized and careers are propelled forward. I'm here to support your journey, offering a space where your music can truly come alive. Let's collaborate and craft tracks that not only stand out in today's dynamic music scene but also resonate deeply with your audience.

Your Gateway to Innovative Music Production in Los Angeles

At Pique Recording, my philosophy is all about blending the best of both worlds – the timelessness of tradition with the cutting-edge advancements of technology. I have meticulously equipped my studio with the latest in digital technology, while also cherishing the classic warmth that only vintage analog gear can provide. This harmonious blend is my secret to capturing every note of your composition with both the rich depth of analog and the crystal-clear precision of digital.

Whether you're looking to record a full album, an EP, or a single, my focus at Pique Recording is to ensure that your sound not only captures your vision but also deeply resonates with your audience. I'm here to guide and support you through every step of the recording process, ensuring that the final product is something we're both proud of.

Where Tradition Meets Technology in Los Angeles

Unlock Continuous Creative Freedom with Subscription-Based Studio Access

I understand the hustle of balancing a day job with your passion for music. That's why I have crafted a subscription-based model that's all about flexibility and convenience for artists like you. My plans are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life, offering continuous access to our studio and top-notch equipment. This way, you're never left waiting when inspiration strikes – Pique Recording is your creative space, ready whenever you are.

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me record a project that is very dear to my heart. I cried when I heard the finished songs. You Really helped me capture my ‘true’ emotion. You are phenomenal and it was such a joy and an honor to work with you.”

- Tracy Cruz (Vocalist/Songwriter)

“James is a highly creative and professional engineer and producer. My sessions with him were fast, productive and yielded great results.”

- Michael Glines (Singer/Songwriter, Linuss)


“James has discerning creative solutions in spades - and he’s also that rare engineer who can make an artist feel instantly at ease while still maintaining a high degree of professionalism.”

- Annelyse Gelman (Singer/Songwriter, Shoulderblades)

“James is a pro and everyone should definitely work with him in one capacity or another. Huzzah!”

- Vincent Randazzo (Singer/Songwriter, Leche Malo)

“I cannot recommend Pique Recording’s services enough. James has the perfect combination of engineering mastery and empathic sensitivity to the artistic process. If you are looking to record music in the Los Angeles area, your songs will be in good hands at Pique.”

- Miles Maltberts (Singer/Songwriter, Werwisp)

“James exceeded all expectations and provided top-notch original music for my iOS App. Plus he’s a cool dude with a sharp ear for what sounds good.”

- Justin Heinzer (App Designer, Idea Fortress)

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