Rates & Booking

Here are detailed descriptions of On-Demand, Subscription, and Under The tracks booking options. You can book time, or schedule a free consultation at the bottom of this page. All inclusive pricing - includes studio and services!

On-Demand Booking*

  • $60/hr for all services (2hr minimum) 'setup on-the-clock, tear down on-the-house'

  • Unattended Mixing $360/song (based on 6hrs) - includes 2 mix revision after the initial mix (additional revisions $60/mix)

  • Unattended Mastering $90/song (based on 1.5hrs) - includes 1 master revision (eq, level, fades) after initial master (additional $30 for every new mix)

*A $60 deposit is required to reserve an On-Demand session slot. The remainder of payment is due at the end of your session. Your deposit can be used toward a rescheduled session date. Mix and Masters pricing are due in full upon booking.

Subscription Recording Plans* (Save Dough, Keep On Schedule, and Work The Algorithm!)

  • Basic $240/month (4 hours)

  • Standard $440/month (8 hours)

  • Premium $800/month (16 hours)

  • See plan descriptions below

*Save more money when you book additional hours, see package pricing below.

Streaming sites like Spotify encourage regular releases and will incentivize your release (via playlists) if you are consistently putting out new music. These subscription plans are great to help put your music in front of the listeners you deserve!

Under The Tracks Live*

  • $700 for the first song

  • $300 for each additional song

*This fee covers audio and video (with RLP.media) prep & setup, recording session time, mixing and master, video edit and final distribution.

On-Demand and Subscription Plans include any of the following services:

  • Audio Editing

  • Production/Arranging

  • Recording/Tracking

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Lessons/Training

  • Photography or Video, Promo Material

  • Session Musician Performance (Guitar, Drums, Vocal & more)

  • Successful Distribution/Release Strategies, and other Professional Resources

  • Don't see something here... reach out! James@PiqueRecording.com

Basic Subscription

(Ideal for Singer-Songwriters or Smaller Projects/Singles)

  • Monthly Price: 4hrs $240 ($60/hour)

  • Additional Hours: $55/hour

    • Rollover of unused hours for up to 1 month*

    • 1 free loyalty hour every 3 months**

Standard Subscription

(Ideal for Bands or Medium Sized Projects/EPs)

  • Monthly Price: 8hrs $440 ($55/hour)

  • Additional Hours: $50/hour

    • Rollover of unused hours for up to 2 months*

    • 2 free loyalty hour every 3 months**

Premium Subscription

(Ideal for Larger Ensembles or Large Projects/Albums)

  • Monthly Price: 16hrs $800 ($50/hour)

  • Additional Hours: $45/hour

    • Rollover of unused hours for up to 3 months*

    • 3 free loyalty hours every 3 months**

Subscription Terms:

  • 2 month minimum commitment required

  • Cancel subscription via Paypal at any time before monthly renewal

  • *Use of rollover hours only applicable with a ongoing subscription

  • **Loyalty hours only applicable with ongoing subscription

  • Priority booking for after-hour times - evenings and weekends