Pique Services

From the very beginning stages of the pre-production, to the final mastered audio delivery, Pique has you covered!

Expert and High-Quality Recording Services

At Pique Recording, I employ a variety of recording techniques to ensure each capture sounds phenomenal. It's all about the details: choosing the right microphones, placing them in the right place, and using top-notch preamplifiers, equalizers, and compressors to fine-tune every sound. Whether it's adding depth with delay and reverb or mastering the recording signal-chain, my focus is on creating beautiful, timeless recordings.

My experience spans a vast array of instruments – from guitars and drum kits to string quartets and 100+ piece orchestras. I've even recorded a chainsaw! This diverse expertise is my key to delivering exceptional, high-quality recordings for every project.

Pioneering Excellence Through Music Production Services

In my role as a producer, I dive deep into the heart of your musical vision, ensuring it's captured sonically with precision and passion. Production is a multifaceted process, often involving a mix of creative and organizational skills. From offering songwriting tips and selecting the perfect instrument tones to managing session logistics and smoothing out band dynamics, I wear many hats to bring your project to life.

My focus as a producer is to align with your intentions, amplify your strengths, and guide you towards a recording that truly reflects your artistic vision. With a rich background in working with diverse artists, I thrive in this dynamic environment, committed to producing recordings that resonate with both the artist and their audience.

Tailored Composition and Arrangement Services

I cater to a wide range of composition and arrangement needs. Whether you're crafting a film score, a catchy jingle for a commercial, or an immersive soundtrack for a video game or app, I'm here to help. My expertise also extends to hands-on songwriting support, including melody creation, chord progression development, lyric analysis, and structuring your song with the right balance of verses, choruses, and bridges. For any specific requirements you have, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Versatile and Professional Mixing Services

My approach to mixing involves skillfully blending all recorded tracks into a polished stereo mix that captivates the listener. I, James Meder, utilize a range of techniques like equalization, compression, limiting, and spatial effects, along with harmonic enhancement, to ensure each instrument shines. The arrangement is key, especially in genres like pop, where subtle volume and tone shifts can dramatically enhance a song's appeal. With my extensive experience in mixing across diverse styles – from singer/songwriter to RnB, soul, gospel, rap, indie, and more – I bring versatility and precision to every project.

Precision Mastering Services

In the mastering stage, I focus on the crucial final touches. Whether it's an entire album or a single track, my goal is to ensure consistent tone and volume across all songs. For singles, I use a commercially released track in the same genre as a benchmark to fine-tune the sound. I also carefully determine the right amount of silence between tracks.

Working closely with the artist or producer, I deliver the mastered tracks in the required format, whether it's CD quality .wav or specific resolutions for streaming services. I also handle additional formats for archival purposes and embed metadata to give each song a unique ID, ensuring your music is ready for its audience.

Brilliant and Nuanced Editing and Programming Services

I am dedicated to giving your song a competitive edge with thoughtful, musically-informed edits. Whether it's refining vocals or adjusting timing, my focus is on enhancing the song while preserving its authentic human feel. This approach extends to drum sample editing and replacing, where I select tones that naturally fit the style of your production, ensuring a harmonious blend of all instruments both musically and stylistically.

Versatile Session Musician and Collaboration Services

I bring a wealth of experience playing on various records, easily adapting to your unique sound and style. My skills span across guitar (both acoustic and electric), bass guitar, drums, and I can even contribute to vocals. If there's a specific sound you're aiming for that's outside my expertise, I have a network of exceptional session musicians I collaborate with, ready to elevate your performance. Just let me know what you need!

Experienced and Valuable Release and Distribution Consultation Services

My experience in releasing records with artists has equipped me with valuable insights into successful promotion, press, and distribution channels. I'm eager to share this knowledge with all artists who collaborate with us. The success of your recordings not only uplifts you as an artist but also enhances the studio's reputation. I'm committed to helping you gain maximum exposure and attention for your music!